I am a Reiki Master, and I am here to explain a little bit about it, and how awesome it can be to assist in healing. Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that uses energy from source (positive energy, the universe, spirit, whatever you believe that source is) and I am conduit for that source to provide unconditional love to help support healing and relaxation. During my one one one sessions, I will align your chakras on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aura fields. I also perform Reiki circles every Sunday at My Flora Aura from 1-2pm and Thursday from 6:30-7:30PM. For my information, or to book a session with me go to

Distant Reiki

Receive a Reiki session in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Each session is $25 and includes one single Angel Card reading with each session. Send me a message through the website to book a session.

Guided Meditations

Meditation has been the key inspiration to finding my purpose and my connection to my highest self. I meditate daily and felt so much joy and amazing benefits added to my life. Meditation not only connects you to your highest self, but helps keep you in-tune to the universal flow of life. I will help guide you on how to create a fun sacred space to practice your daily meditation. We discuss the HUGE power of affirmations and how to incorporate them into your meditation practice. Your energy and thought patterns will shift into a more “POSITIVE and AWESOME state of being.” Let’s turn on your light!
These are some of the meditations I offer that can help benefit and address the following areas:
* Sustain positive thought patterns, decrease stress, anxiety relief, increase manifestation, help find your true purpose, awakening your light, irrationality, send healing energy for loved ones, and discover your inner peace.

Angel and Energy Card Reading

When I first started my journey on this path, angel card readings were something I was drawn to. Angel cards, provided me with loving energy from my spirit guides. I have studied angel card readings with Doreen Virtue, and love to read your energy. Most of us already know the answers we seek, or the energy we bring, however angel card readings simply affirm these messages. Feel free to schedule a one on one, distant or group angel card reading with me. Reach out in my contact page to connect!

Life Coaching

We are all together in this beautiful journey called life. Sometimes we are in a “high vibe place” feeling pretty good, and other times we may be feeling pretty knocked down and operating from a “low vibe place”. I have learned some pretty rad techniques thanks to one of my beautiful teachers and mentors Gabrielle Bernstein, to help increase the “high vibes” energy state. I also have some other impactful teachings to help support you, and become more aware of your fullest potential. These techniques, coaching’s and teachings will help articulate what feelings, emotions or thought patterns are not serving you, and help you let them go!
These are just a few.
Some techniques include-
*How to bust through the blocks, and step into your power.
*Connecting with your highest self
*Introduction to EFT- emotional freedom technique, aka Tapping
*Accessing and operating from your highest power to create transformative shifts
*Protecting your energy field

Crystal Healing

Crystals and Stones not only make for beautiful jewelry, they have some pretty amazing benefits too! I love making crystal jewelry with my husband, and using them in my meditations, reiki and day to day life. I will help you learn how to clear your crystals and recharge them properly. Also active them with the highest intention. I also can teach you how to use them to empower your chakras and healing properties. You can purchase our crystal jewelry at

Events and Workshops

I host different events and workshops to help uplift your soul and reach your highest self. You can see upcoming events via my Facebook page, or sign up for email updates.



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