I will help guide and inspire you,

to get connected to your highest self! 


My inspiration begins when my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. This diagnosis inspired me to awaken to better support myself, and my family.


I began meditating daily to help relive my stress and anxiety. Inspired by my meditation practice, I became a Reiki Master, Certified Meditation Teacher with Davidji, Energy Reader, Crystal and Sound Healer.

I created local beach moon events, that have now expanded to different venues in the S. FL area.

These events have been featured in "Buzzfeed" and

"The Palm Beach Post." Our events feature a beautiful group of healers, artists, and vendors known as the

"The Vibe Tribe." I host a local events and workshops! 

My intention is to help continue to build a community

of like minded individuals dedicated to their healing,

and growth! I believe that we all can thrive, heal, and inspire others by supporting each other! 

Stay inspired ✌️